Catering services

We provide catering services for all events and occasions, large or small.
To each event we plan a unique menu and catering package, according to our customers wishes and needs.
KW Catering is an excellent catering provider for the following occasions:
– Weddings
– Birthdays and other anniversaries
– Private dinners and other events at home
– Corporate events
– Cocktail parties
– Christmas parties

Kira Weckman

Kira Weckman🇫🇮🇸🇪🇬🇧

Kira is the product developer of KW Catering, so she is the one who plans  our menus, recipes and the catering services based on the customer’s wishes. She specializes in Scandinavian and Asian cuisine. In her work as a catering chef Kira loves the diversity, creativity and the challenge of each event being unique.

She has earned the titel of Top Chef Finland winner in year 2013.

Michel Garzon Trujillo

Michel Garzon🇬🇧🇪🇸

Michel is head chef of our company and he takes care of purchases, logistics and kitchen management in our events. Michel specializes in South American and Mediterranean cuisine. He is passionate about cooking and can in his free time be found studying food trends and new cooking methods.  In his career he has also worked as the head chef of the Embassy of France in Finland.

Contact us


Kira Weckman: +358 44 59 90 297
Michel Garzon:  +358 44 71 92 899


Kira Weckman: kira.weckman(at)

Michel Garzon: michel.garzon(at)

Kira Weckman and Michel Garzon Trujillo

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